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(Rock Candy Records)


Is there a more sultry, steamy and seriously sexy soft rock anthem than Black Velvet? Alannah Myles came from nowhere with her superlative self-titled debut in 1989 and this long overdue reappraisal of a rip-roaring and raspy rock and roll classic.

If the focus was – and still is – on that song then there’s more to a multifaceted record than one mega-selling international hit. Much, much more. Early adopters will recall strident opener Still Got This Thing and the teasing Lover Of Mine.

Myles had the voice and the look to break a million hearts – as well as sell a million singles – and the only mystery is why she didn’t become a much bigger and prolific recording artist. Revisiting her debut only raises a fresh sense that early success ultimately hindered the unlocking of long-term potential.

This typically lavish Rock Candy reissue includes a brand new interview and previously unseen pictures – telling the full story behind a record that still remains relevant almost three decades down the line.

It’s Myles better. If that’s possible.