Out September 8

(Cadiz Music)


Make Way For The King could have announced Voodoo Six’s long awaited ascension to the UK’s hard rock throne. Recorded in Los Angeles and produced by the talented Tom Fletcher, its 12 tracks should have been the band’s crowning glory.

But this is an album of frustrating what ifs and inexplicable maybes. Billed as a fresh start, Make Way For The King often feels more like a false start.

So where did one of Britain’s most likely heirs apparent to Alter Bridge go wrong? They didn’t. Not entirely. Riot is a rousing riffathon that reaffirms Voodoo Six’s penchant for penning passionate anthems and Until The End is an absorbing composition.

Whatever the reason Make Way For The King never quite realises its obvious potential. The proof will be in the live pudding and it’s quite likely Tony Newton and co. will breathe new life into their latest opus during September’s UK headline tour. Fingers crossed.

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