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(Metal Blade)


Hardcore, at its best, has the ability to both send your adrenaline levels surging into the red and paint a wide grin on your face. And that’s exactly what Up In Arms achieves.

Perhaps that should be no surprise though, given that Bloodclot are fronted by legendary Cro-Mag John Joseph, a livewire singer who knows exactly how to spit fire and fury, but combines that with a lyrical dexterity that’s a joy to hear.

Add to the mix ex-Danzig/Murphy’s Law guitarist Todd Youth, former Queens Of The Stone Age/Danzig sticksman Joey Castillo and one time QOTSA bassist Nick Oliveri and you have a group of seasoned musicians who can punch through concrete walls, using street smart anthems like Siva/Rudra and as their demolition tools.

As you might expect – given the personnel involved – Up In Arms is an addictive blend of furious punk rock and early 80s hardcore, but its many highlights (Prayer, Manic and Slipping Into Darkness to name but a few) are absolutely relevant in 2017. Joseph has plenty of targets and has lost none of his youthful ire, raging against corporate villainy on Slow Kill Genocide and racism on Life As One.

Hard music for hard times maybe, but there’s a vitality to this debut that’s absolutely life affirming. Get this pumping through your bloodstream as soon as possible…