The Raven Age frontman Michael Burrough has paid tribute to Mark Tremonti after revealing the guitar hero helped him overcome a period of serious self doubt.

And as one of the rising stars of the British metal scene prepares to hit the road on a UK headline tour next month he recalled sharing a surreal backstage moment with the Creed man.

The Raven Age opened up for Tremonti in 2016 and Burrough said: “I did come off stage after one of the shows and I had been feeling a bit fragile as some singers do.

“From time to time it just gets in your head and, basically, as I walked off stage Mark sensed something was wrong.

“He was at the dressing room and he just said ‘ah, you know, come in’. I went in and he offered me a beer and I sat down and he started jamming out Creed tracks and I’m like ‘you know this is my heaven right now’.

“When you meet a lot of these big names you get to a point where you are so used to meeting the stars that you don’t become that fan boy any more.

“But with Mark I couldn’t help myself and I basically started singing along. But it proved I wasn’t just trying to kiss his backside – it showed him that I actually genuinely loved what he was doing.”

Tremonti and Burrough struck up an immediate friendship and in an exclusive interview with HRH Mag the latter added: “He started playing With Arms Wide Open – and it’s not a very metal thing to say – but it’s my mum’s favourite song and I said to him ‘you know if you are going to do this can I video it?’.

“I explained I wasn’t going to share it online or send it out – it was just for mum. I sang the beginning of the song with him and he was playing guitar and I sent it to mum. She was bawling her eyes out for a few days after that!”

The Raven Age kick off their UK tour in Glasgow on October 23 and wrap up a week-long jaunt in Belfast on October 31.

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