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(Season Of Mist)

Want an example of how stirring, passionate and dramatic symphonic death metal can be? Look no further than Codex Omega. Boasting the considerable talents of the FILMharmonic Orchestra of Prague and a nine-strong choir, Septicflesh’s 10th full length is a masterstroke, striking the perfect balance between widescreen bombast and searing riffery.

What’s more, the Greeks’ songwriting is wonderfully succinct and as a result, Codex Omega is a gripping piece of dark art that stands tall among the quartet’s best work. Given the quality of record’s like 2011’s The Great Mass, that’s saying something.

Highlights? Enemy of Truth slays with its jackhammer blastbeats and cinematic string arrangements and Faceless Queen pounds with industrial-scale malevolence before unveiling one of the album’s strongest (and most accessible) choruses. The Gospels of Fear, meanwhile, would have been a fitting soundtrack to the Battle of Thermopylae, such is its unbridled power and Our Church, Below The Sea, is a blackened hymn to Cthulhu that could surely rouse the Great Old One from his slumber.

Like a titan rising from the deep, Codex Omega is an unstoppable force, an album sculpted by supreme musicians – whether they wield a guitar, a violin, or their own voice. It’s an incredible achievement.