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(Rounder Records)


It’s hard to argue the main man hasn’t earned  himself a little down time from The Destroyers after leading the band through the small matter of a stellar 15 million album-selling career.

And who can blame him for making sure the 40-year wait to slide out his first ever solo release is an exercise in true-love indulgence?

Thorogood has said this album is ‘what I will always be’ and, sure enough, he gives this stripped down selection of blues and country covers his heart and soul.

Not that loving something bone-deep means you can always be its master and there are flawed moments here, cuts where the Thorogood  boot doesn’t quite connect with buttocks…he doesn’t absolutely nail the likes of John Lee Hooker’s The Hookers (If You Miss ‘Im…I Got Him) for all his blazing passion.

But for the most part this is all pretty fine and authentic, starred by some dynamic slide guitar and vocals to match.

If you’re ever on one of those sun-blasted straight-to-the-horizon roads and leaving something bad behind, this is your soundtrack.

Garry Willey


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