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(Gentle Art Of Music)


Big isn’t just beautiful in RPWL world, big is just the beginning: the starting point and springboard to something that makes big seem really quite small.

The German art rockers like to deliver on the kind of vast operatic scale perhaps not seen since a be-caped Rick Wakeman threw caution and his financial kitchen sink at productions so heroically over the top both he and possibly a fair chunk of the audience took years to fully recover.

That RPWL pull off this kind of glorious excess is fortunate but, given the excellence of both performance and songs, not hard to fathom.

Released alongside an extras-heavy Blu-Ray and DVD, A New Dawn captures the band closing their Wanted tour on home ground in Bavaria and richly rewards those ready to strap in for the long haul.

Musically, the Floyd feel is tangible and the reworked set every bit as epic as the band doubtless intended. The tracks for the most part are so good, so powerful and melody-rich, you don’t really notice the minutes turning to hours or even days.

No mistake either that A New Dawn is a feast for the eyes. A cast of no fewer than 50 actors and extras helped turn the band’s vision into memorable flesh and bone.

So ambition rewarded and steins raised to a band who blow ‘big’ clean out of the water.

Garry Willey