Out September 27

(Self Released)


Quirky two-piece Breaking Waves return with a brand new album, deliberately self-titled, as a ritualistic ‘fresh start’ in terms of sound and style moving forward. This latest album is an eclectic collection of indie and alt rock influences and the duo have managed to create a tight and vibrant set of songs.

There is a lot to like here. Opening track Big Trouble kicks off the album with a slick and funky crowd pleaser, with guitars reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s infamous Another Brick In The Wall. Highlight of the album is Chance in Love, which has a blend of stomping guitar riffs, tight harmonies and a chorus catchy enough to stick in your head after just one listen. Penultimate track Click Again also stands out: a stark change from the rest of the album with heavier rock guitars and distinctive distorted vocals in the verses, reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor.

Guitarist/bassist Phil Ireland and drummer Peat Hicks are a tight unit. Their prowess is showcased in funkier tracks on this new release, such as Only Words, where the drum grooves and slick bass-lines take centre stage. If the vocal melodies lack variation across the album, the harmonies are consistently tight and stylish. The light, breathy style of singing suits the music perfectly – at their finest, in the quieter moments, such as the soft verses of Somebody, Breaking Waves, the band, are brilliant.

Breaking Waves is centrally a stylish alt rock/indie album with light melodious vocals, chorus hooks and a creative blend of bassline and guitar-work. Even though the weaker tracks are disappointingly bland, this is a record that should be enjoyed in one, immersive sitting.

Kitty Synthetica


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