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A record that’s built from movements and transitions, rather than self-contained songs… Upcdownc have certainly sculpted something special here. At times, their latest effort has the delicacy of prime post-rock: the glistening guitars that draft along in the breeze, the gentle melodies… you’ll certainly find yourself drawn into the band’s magical web on passages of Awake.

But the Medway trio know how to play with moods, know how to pierce the light with shards of pitch black, and as befits a record themed around the transition between sleep and waking life, I, Awake is trip into the band’s subconscious.

Upcdownc explore dark passages, walk down lonely hallways, conjure up tension and play with it: the journey from Awake into Adrift, which is eventually accompanied by spooky horror flick synths, is a fascinating voyage for anyone tuned into the beauty of soundtracks and noisescapes.

And for dedicated instrumetalists in thrall to the likes of Bossk and Capricorns, there are plenty of fat, groovy riffs to chew on, which emerge on passages of the title track, and even some Iommian doom – Foreboding, for instance, would give any downtuned sludgekickers a run for their money.

A fine release then, from one of the UK’s best kept secrets.


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