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As mission statements go the title track of Trivium’s eighth studio album is convincing and compelling in equal measure. Kicking off a record that aspires to be the band’s fourth Top 20 Billboard release on the bounce, it’s six-and-a-half minutes of pure, focused fury that few of the Floridians’ peers can hope to emulate.

Matt Heafy must be achingly proud of what Trivium have achieved in the last 18 years and The Sin And The Silence is every bit as good as the late noughties classics. The Crusade and Shogun might still be the benchmark where the US metallers are concerned but this is the quartet’s best record in almost a decade.

Beyond Oblivion is as brutal as its title suggests and if second single The Heart From Your Hate is just a little over-enthusiastic in its quest for mainstream recognition then it allows Heafy ample opportunity to max out on the melody.

There are times when Trivium pitch themselves as the thinking man’s Shinedown and occasions when they revert to trad metal type. Either way, Heafy has a clear vision for where he sees his band heading in 2017 and perhaps the brilliant, bullish Betrayer says it best of all with its mix of gutsy growls, clean vocals, throwback thrash metal riffs and soaring solos.

Metal for the masses? This is it.


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