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Hewn from the same shiny seam of German melodic hard rock that spawned Scorpions, Bonfire et al, the second coming of Phantom 5 is a fabulous flashback to the late 80s with killer melodies, monster choruses and soaring solos creating a sumptuous, retro-fueled soundscape.

Claus Lessman’s vocals are perfectly pitched as he chases glory on Play To Win and wingman Michael Voss (producer, guitarist and bass player) boasts the sixth sense necessary to bring the very best out of his talented band mate.

There’s an intuitive, instinctive undercurrent running through the heart of a polished yet passionate record: Read Your Mind couldn’t be more apt as Lessman and Voss bounce off one another with the confidence of two musicians who believe implicitly in one another’s skillset and creative vision.

Phantom 5 are at their best on Baptised – a celebration of their early 80s rock and roll education with cute references to the era that inspires everything that’s so accessible and attractive about this brilliant band.

Voss is on fire and where Phantom 5 are concerned Lessman is more.


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