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(Season Of Mist)

You’d think after four albums, Cannabis Corpse’s cheeky penchant for weedifying song titles would be getting a bit old now, but if you’re soaked in death metal history, the likes of Grass Obliteration and Effigy Of The Forgetful will still raise a sly chuckle.

Take away that gimmick though, and you’re still left with a smokin’ piece of DM, one grown from a love of genre titans such as Cannibal Corpse (obviously) and Deicide, and nurtured by Municipal Wasters Phil ‘Landphil’ Hall and Josh ‘HallHammer’ Hall. The brothers have been joined here by Six Feet Under axeman Ray Suhy and they must be glad he’s come along for the ride, as the guy spits out venomous riffs and twisted leads like there’s no tomorrow.

Just take Chronic Breed, for instance: the song is a perfect blend of Floridian malevolence and New York grit. Or how about In Battle There Is No Pot? Ok, it’s not the Bolt Thrower homage we’d hoped for, but its thrashy groove will have plenty of heads a-banging, and there are some subtle melodies bubbling under the surface too. And then there’s the title track, which, quite simply, slays all before it – again, largely thanks to Suhy’s scintillating fretwork.

OK, so the Virginians may not be as technically dazzling as the likes of Nile – who they may or may not nod to on Papyrus Containing the Spell to Protect Its Possessor Against Attacks from He Who Is in the Bong Water – but with Left Hand Pass, the trio or at the top of their game.

Yes, in some people’s eyes, Cannabis Corpse will always remain a novelty act, but anyone serious about death metal will not want to pass on this…


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