There is never a dull moment in the wrestling industry. After a few weeks of injuries, illness and shock returns, WWE finds itself back on UK shores for the next week hoping to let more great matches do the talking. Ahead of the British tour, HRH Mag caught up with the ‘Glorious’ Bobby Roode to discuss life on the road and that entrance song…


HRH Mag: What are you most looking forward to about coming over to the UK?

Bobby Roode: Anytime I’ve been across to the UK, the fans are amongst some of the most passionate in the world to work in front of. They are always so excited for us to be over there, as we only get to come over once or twice a year. The energy they give helps fuel us to go and perform a little better, a little harder and just have some fun. So I’d say the fans.

HRH Mag: Speaking of the fans, the reaction to your theme song – Glorious Domination – has been incredible, but what was your reaction on first listen?

BR: I actually had a different song that was supposed to be my entrance. Just before my first event I was told I had a new song and I had a listen to it. Obviously, this song is completely different to anything else in the WWE, so I thought it could have gone one of two ways. It could suck or it could be great. Thankfully it turned out to be really great. But as a performer you have to have an entrance to go with the song and when the entrance is over, your performance has to live up to that entrance too. It’s a package deal, the song was received well and the entrance was a work in progress but the performance was on me. When I first made my entrance at an NXT: Takeover seeing all those people singing along was really cool and is something I will never forget.

HRH Mag: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given during your 20 years in the industry?

BR: Never stop learning or get complacent because you can always be better. Don’t ever be afraid of asking for advice. The one piece of advice I like to pass on is to stay humble and always keep your eyes and ears open to learning new things.

HRH Mag: Your travel schedule is gruelling to say the least. How do you keep yourself entertained on the road?

BR: When you’re on those long plane journeys you try and grab as much sleep as you can because once you hit the road you are so busy going from show to show. For me, I like to read some books, watch some movies on the plane or hit a local gym. I try not to do anything crazy, if there’s some sightseeing to do, I’ll go see it but I’m pretty low-key to be honest. I just enjoy the chance to travel the world and do what I love doing at the same time, which is wrestling.

HRH Mag: You were over in the UK earlier this year for Download festival with the NXT guys. Did you enjoy it and did you get to take in any bands?

BR: I unfortunately didn’t get much of a chance to take in the bands but when you go to catering, you bump into guys you wouldn’t have a chance to anywhere else in the world. Anytime you get to across and take part in a festival like that it’s great and it will always be a special place for me because that’s where I had my first WWE match. It’s a place that’s close to my heart and it’s such a cool experience. Strangely the weather has been good as it never rained either! I really hope NXT continue to go there for many more years.