HRH Mag’s king of the ring Andy Spoors found himself wrestling with a rabid four-band bill this week – WWE star Chris Jericho taking on some serious competition in the race to become top dog…


With four bands on offer, fans were treated to a ‘Fozzfest’ of sorts, as Chris Jericho and co. dropped the curtain on the UK leg of their tour.

It wasn’t however, a one-man show. It wasn’t even a one-band show. Both of the top-billed bands went toe to toe on a night where Swedish sensibility smashed into American attitude.

Both Hardcore Superstar and Fozzy brought their own support acts, with neither disappointing. The Last Band kicked off proceedings with a sleazey punk rock-infused set.

Madame Mayhem kicked things up another gear, with a high-octane performance that showcased the singer’s impressive talents.

The night really started to heat up when Gothenburg rockers Hardcore Superstar took to the stage. Channeling Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard and the best of the rest from glam rock’s heyday, the quartet transformed a cold November night into an 80s rager on the Sunset Strip.

Intent on not only warming the crowd up, but blowing the roof into the River Tyne, lead singer Joakim Berg wailed his way through an hour of pulsating rock. Last Call For Alcohol received to a rapturous reception.

It wasn’t until the ‘Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla’, Chris Jericho took to the stage, that the now swollen crowd came unglued.

Throughout the night, each lead performer had tried and ultimately failed to whip the crowd up into a suitable frenzy. The mere sight of the WWE man did the trick within seconds.

Chants of ‘Y2J’ and ‘Fozzy’ highlighted the large percentage of wrestling fans in attendance.

As was the case at this year’s Download Festival, Fozzy kicked off with their biggest hit to date in Judas.

Jericho is, of course, a seasoned showman, but the addition of props (smoke gun and a flashy jacket) took the performance to a different level. Ably backed by the fantastically talented lead guitarist, Rich ‘The Duke’ Ward, Fozzy put on a slick and clinical performance.

With one paltry hour to strut their stuff, not a single minute was wasted. The band even zipped through a heavy rock cover of Abba’s SOS.

Although Sweden and America went head to head for rock dominance, the only true winners were those in attendance.


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