HRH XI is up and running and HRH Mag is here to wrap up the very best of the action…on and off the stage. Here’s the Day One verdict in a nutshell.


Live For Rock

When Black Aces sealed their deal with Off Yer Rocka Recordings the bullish Aussies were cock-a-hoop. Brand new album Anywhere But Here is flying off the shelves at Camp HRH and there’s a real buzz about the raw and riotous quartet. But you can’t accuse Tyler Kinder and co. of resting on their laurels as they bask in the glory of their best year yet. Rolled out to perform at Wednesday’s inaugural HRH Awards, Black Aces were back on the mainstage as the perfectly pitched warm-up for Wayward Sons and Dee Snider. But they weren’t finished there. No sooner had Snider set the seal on a stunning headline set (more of that later), HRH XI’s hardest working band were entertaining the VIPs in the Bonga Wonga club at the official after show party. Black Aces? Diamond geezers.


Rock And (Bacon) Roll

Breakfast at the Mash And Barrel is an age-old Camp HRH tradition and everyone knows that it’s impossible to rock out on an empty stomach. So imagine the anguish in the eyes of hungover punters – and hungry bands – who’d hauled themselves out of bed just hours after the HRH Awards only to discover breakfast wasn’t on the menu on Thursday. The doors were locked. The lights were off. And there wasn’t so much as a baked bean to be seen. Not a sausage. Up the road a well-known coffee house couldn’t quite compensate for the lack of fried food and tall Americanos Killcode were just one of the acts who needed more than a hot drink come 11am. HRH Mag is delighted to report it’s business as usual at the Barrel until Sunday but it might be too little, too late for those who parted just a little too hard on Wednesday…


Sons Continue To Shine

It was their last show of 2017 but Wayward Sons have burst onto the scene in some style – readying themselves for a full-on assault on the live senses next year. Already lined up to support Steel Panther – prior to a full headline run in April – the Toby Jepson-fronted quintet have conjured up the perfect mix of melody, energy, kick-ass attitude and unpredictablility. It’s impossible to pigeon-hole a band that’s far removed from Little Angels and yet is more than capable of breathing new life into Jepson classics like the ageless Young Gods. In their irrepressible lead singer the Sons boast a giant of a man who’s always been able to strike up a connection with a crowd and talk their language. Looking for the saviour of live rock and roll? He’s always been there but this time let’s hope Jepson’s back for good.


Steely Dee-termination

Let’s be honest. If your elderly mother had been seriously brain damaged in a road accident just days earlier would you cross the Atlantic to fulfil a work commitment? It would have been so much easier – and perfectly acceptable – for former Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider to send his sincere apologies and stay home rather than spend 48 hours in North Wales in the twilight of his career. But the worthy winner of the HRH Living Legend award is no ordinary individual. His commitment to the rock and roll cause is unquestionable and as for being in the twilight of his career…don’t try telling Snider that his days are numbered. In fact he made a point, during a superb headline set that included a touching tribute to Chris Cornell, that he’s far from finished at a time when rock and roll’s heroes appear increasingly fallible. A canny mix of solo cuts – from 2017’s We Are The Ones – and Sister standards brought the house down. We wanna rock for as long as you do, Dee.



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