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Just when did it become so difficult to deliver a hook-laden, catchy-as-hell melodic rock album that stands toe to toe with the pop metal masterpieces of the 80s? If the trend has been to shy away from big tunes and even bigger choruses during the last two decades then The Radio Sun are on a mission to revive a lost art.

Unstoppable couldn’t be more apt as the title of a record that’s arrived at the back end of 2017 but threatens to shake up everything that’s gone before this year. Dropping too late to hit HRH Mag’s Top 50 Albums Of The Year list, it’s nevertheless arrived just in time to deliver an early Christmas present to fans of classic Leppard, FM, Van Halen and Heart.

The Aussie collective have already proved their chops as the ultimate party band on the HRH festival circuit and their stint with former Danger Danger man Paul Laine earlier this year whetted the appetite for Unstoppable. Needless to say, it doesn’t disappoint.

The banging anthems come thick and fast: Heaven On Earth opening the floodgates to a tidal wave of classy modern rock. Dive in anywhere and you’ll come across a gem – Tonight’s The Night opens with an earworm of an 80s-styled riff before setting out its stall as a Survivor-esque power ballad par excellence but Surrender Your Heart, with its delightfully dreamy intro., is even better. Reminiscent of Richard Marx at his rockiest, it only requires a little work on the vocal harmonies and it can become a bona fide classic.

When The Radio Sun return to the UK don’t miss them. Bands like this are a dying breed.


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