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Ten years after the first volume of Thrash Anthems was released – a record which saw Destruction re-record a swathe of songs from their illustrious back catalogue – we now have a second chapter to get our teeth into, one that has been supported by a PledgeMusic campaign… and has the trio’s fans at its heart.

Mainman Schmier has admitted that Thrash Anthems (which featured Teutonic classics such as Mad Butcher and Bestial Invasion) was a little too polished for his liking, so here, the likes of 1985’s Black Death and 86’s United By Hatred maintain their outer savagery, while benefiting from a crisp modern production that puts Mike Sifringer’s explosive axework centre stage.

And while many a live favourite was re-animated on this compilation’s predecessor, Destruction still had more than enough quality material in their vault to make Thrash Anthems II a worthwhile exercise

Confound Games, taken from Eternal Devastation, is a prime example: boasting some of the Germans’ most potent riffery, it more than deserves its place on this compilation – as does Rippin’ You Off Blind, a hard hitting little rager from 1990’s Cracked Brain.

OK, so some purists may still prefer the originals, but most hardened metallers will just sit back and enjoy this maelstrom of premium thrash metal. And for anyone unfamiliar with Destruction’s contribution to the genre, this is a great place to start.


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