O2 Academy Sheffield, December 3, 2017

Few could have predicted that after Satan reunited in 2011, they would write material to rival anything on Court In The Act.

However, that’s exactly what they did on 2013’s Life Sentence and 2015’s Atom By Atom.

Riding the wave of renewed enthusiasm for classic heavy metal – but showing younger NWOBHM revivalists exactly how it’s done, both live and on record – the North Easterners have earned their festival-topping status.

And on Sunday, they demonstrated the technical prowess, the showmanship and the sheer class, that has seen them take to stages across the globe in the last five years.

Satan worshippers rejoiced at the sight of Russ Tippins and Steve Ramsey ripping through the likes of Blades Of Steel – the duo have few equals in the NWOBHM scene. And despite a few feedback issues, fans witnessed an imperious performance from frontman Brian Ross.

They also saw Ross handing over to son Alan for Break Free: and his progeny didn’t disappoint, belting out the ’83 barnstormer in a fashion dad would surely have been proud of. The pair even threw in a family hug to warm hearts on a cold Yorkshire evening.

The real stars of the show, however, were the songs – especially those conjured up in a Newcastle studio since the start of this decade. The Devil’s Infantry and Testimony cut like British steel, Twenty Twenty Five was utterly mesmeric, The Fall Of Persephone landed killer blow after killer blow.

Given the talent in Satan’s ranks though, it’s no surprise that the quintet can generate this kind of performance, nearly 40 years since the band’s inception.

And fittingly, they ensured that HRH NWOBHM’s two-year run ended in spectacular fashion.

Now that’s what we call devil music…


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