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Few contemporary bands can give Grand Magus a run for their money when it comes to denim and leather clad, fist pumping, heroic heavy metal. Yet Visigoth have somehow managed to do just that on Conqueror’s Oath, a record that’s a real step up from their 2015 debut, The Revenant King.

What’s the secret? Let’s start at their ability to write triumphant, bombastic – and extremely classy – songs such as opener Steel and Silver and the absolutely magnificent Traitor’s Gate, a track which could easily take its place on any cherished late 70s/early 80s metal classic. Utah’s finest are just as comfortable burning through speedy NWOBHM ragers like Outlive Them All as they are taking on more melodic fare, such as Warrior Queen. And they execute the whole record with supreme musicianship too.

The real ace up their sleeve though is singer Jake Rogers. The man has upped his game significantly over the last few years, combining guts and grace to thrilling effect on the likes of Hammerforged (surely the US quintet’s very own Hammer Of The North) and surely propelling himself into the Premier League of 21st century metal vocalists, if he wasn’t there already.

Salt City is the album’s only real mis-step – it’s not quite the swaggering anthem Visigoth might have intended it to be – but they’ve still forged one hell of an album in Conqueror’s Oath… a record that should cement their place in the hearts of trad metallers the world over.


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