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Feisty Finns Shiraz Lane might sound like they’ve jumped straight into the Hot Tub Time Machine and landed in 1987 but their latest tribute to deliciously over the top hair metal really doesn’t sound dated.

At a time when Reckless Love, H.E.A.T., Brother Firetribe, Santa Cruz et al are ushering in a brave new era of excess all areas pop rock, this essential album leads the way.

Packed full of party anthems and lighter inducing ballads, it’s not until set closer Reincarnation that the Lane throw in a curveball. Just shy of eight minutes, it’s a meandering, multi-layered, magical tune.

The irony underpinning Gotta Be Real is shameless but it’s the anthemic People Like Us, replete with infectious piano riff, that steals the show. When Shiraz Lane hit the big time this is the song tens of thousands of fans will sing along to in glorious unison.

As Britain braces itself for the biggest freeze in five years this is the album to warm cold hearts: Carnival Days is this month’s hot ticket.





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