They’re among the greats of modern metal and Trivium have never sounded more relevant. HRH Mag‘s Guy Bell caught the band’s capital invasion.


A packed Brixton welcomed home the flag bearers of modern metal following the release of the hugely successful The Sin And The Sentence.

Trivium’s 2017 masterpiece has been hailed as the best record since Ascendancy and represented an impressive return to form.

The capital city played host to a spectacle with three support acts and a sledgehammer of a set from Matt Heafy and co.

Venom Prison, Power Trip and Code Orange warmed the masses before the lights were cut and Run To The Hills sparked a raucous singalong.

Opening with the title track from their latest album, Trivium set the bar high for the rest of the show with brutality emanating from all four corners of the stage.

Heafy and Corey Beaulieu have always been praised for their incredible musicianship and are complemented by the hugely talented and tight rhythm duo of Paolo Gregoletto and Alex Bent.

Trivium fans were spoiled for choice as the band rolled back the years with Like Light To The Fliesand Drowned And Torn Asunder.

They quickly followed up with Heart From Your Hateand Beyond Oblivion, showing perfectly how effortlessly they can blend the old with the new.

Heafy’s enthusiasm and pride at playing in the UK once again was plain for all to see. No band is capable of moulding modern metal with the thrash influences of the 80s quite like Trivium.

Each song in their set exuded the heaviness of the previous number before culminating in Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr and In Waves.

It is easy to forget the tender years at which Trivium made their mark on the metal scene in with 2003’s release of Ember To Inferno. Three years later Ascendancyset the hard rock world alight.

The Sin And The Sentenceis a true showpiece for a group whose discography is the envy of many a metal band.

Trivium saved the best for Brixton, whipping up a storm and making real waves in the metal world in 2018.



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