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Now available on vinyl after a Bandcamp release last year, Eunoia sees Southport’s most abrasive noisemongers plunge straight into a cesspool of filthy grind and caustic crust. And while its predecessor, Mechanical Tides, occasionally dipped its toe into sludgy waters, there’s very little let-up on this, the band’s second full length.

Perhaps John Cooke’s lengthy stint as a live guitarist for Napalm Death has had some bearing on this, perhaps it’s just because the quintet are just angrier with the world around them. Whatever the reason, Eunoia offers total sonic annihilation: Destroying Everything You Believe In sounds like a discordant collision between Nasum and Cooke’s ‘other’ band, Human Cry is a nasty slice of mutant d-beat and Born In The Caul a whirlwind of churning death-riffs and grimy grooves.

On first listen, Eunoia can appear a touch throw-away, an enjoyable, if forgettable mix of UK and Scandi grindcore. Repeated plays, though, reveal an album with plenty of depth, with the likes of Night Chant bringing us multi-layered HC and Survivor’s Guilt offering both punk spit and complex, rhythmic dynamics. The All Consuming Self, meanwhile, provides further percussive bombast and even more moments of intrigue.

These fellas are tight as hell, that’s for sure… and in the finest traditions of the UK’s extreme music scene, are utterly uncompromising – as Eunoia proves.


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