In just 72 hours Ibiza will be invaded by hordes of rock and metal fans as the ninth cycle of the HRH Road Trip gets underway.

And just when reinforcements will be required, Viking metallers Turisas are set to turn the Spanish island red and black.


When: 12.05.18 (23.30-00.45)

Where: Zoo – Main Stage

Who: It’s 14 years since Battle Metal announced Turisas as one of the most potent live acts on the planet and the people of Ibiza should be very afraid ahead of this summer’s Viking invasion of the sunshine island.

Warlord and his buddies might have gone quiet by their standards – Turisas 2013 was the band’s last studio album – but that was simply the calm before the storm.

Once they’ve conquered HRH Ibiza, the black and red warriors will regroup ahead of December’s assault on the inaugural HRH Vikings festival.

In between expect news on a new studio project and the inevitable tales of indiscriminate raping and pillaging across mainland Europe.

If you’ve never experienced Finnish folk metal fused with symphonic twists and Viking turns then you haven’t lived. Turisas have victory in their sights.


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