Another glorious day on Ibiza culminated in a proper ear bashing inside Eden’s ‘Metal’ room as the ninth cycle of the HRH Road Trip gathered pace. HRH Mag‘s Simon Rushworth wraps up the best of the action…on and off stage.


Ride Of Your Life

Nothing screams Ibiza Road Trip like the annual HRH Ride Out and watching 2018’s gas guzzling procession head for the hills confirmed this year’s festival was up and running. Ringmaster in chief Jonni D might have been tyred and exhausted after the first night’s shenanigans but rock and roll’s very own Evel Knievel loves the open road and the chance to hook up with the island’s various chapters. Bikes and metal go together like denim and leather and it’s difficult to imagine an Ibiza Road Trip without the Ride Out. Luckily everyone rode back in again just in time for a night of red hot riffage inside the melting pot that is Eden’s second room…


Tall Tayl?

This time last year HRH Mag took a trip into the unknown to seek out former Duran Duran man Andy Taylor at his idyllic Ibiza hideaway and follow up on whispers that a brand new Power Station album was on the cards. Imagine our delight when the man himself revealed he’d already got to work writing and recording new material with Black Star Riders’ Ricky Warwick. Twelve months down the line and one of the most hotly anticipated comebacks of 2018 is gathering pace with a planned release via BMG later this year. HRH Mag is sworn to secrecy but it’s fair to say a heavyweight cast of industry big hitters has been assembled to add the polish to some seriously impressive rock and roll anthems. The man responsible for producing Thunder, The Almighty and Gun following his stint with Duran has rarely sounded so enthusiastic about new music and we can’t wait to hear the final mix.


Soca, So Good…So What!

Diversity is at the heart of 21stcentury Ibiza but even by the Balearic jewel’s standards juxtaposing the HRH Road Trip with the island’s second annual Soca Festival was a brave move. As the best of Caribbean cool rubbed shoulders with a bunch of hairy blokes wearing black it must have been impossible to imagine what the f**k was going on inside Eden. As Kes (Trinidad & Tobago), Lava Man (Grenada), Motto (St Lucia), Skinny Fabulous (St Vincent) and Lil Rick (Barbados) strutted their stuff inside the main room, the very best in emerging metal heroes turned up the volume next door. HRH Mag can neither confirm nor deny a mooted collaboration between Skinny Fabulous and Massive Wagons on the back of this week’s bizarre venue mash-up but it’s rumoured a poolside summit will take place later today. Look out for the Skinny Wagons split EP later this year with Massive Rick and Barry Lava projects to follow in 2019.


Road Rage

Day two’s bill put the ‘hard’ into the Hard Rock Hell Ibiza Road Trip with VOiD, Witch Tripper, Evil Masquerade and Attica Rage cranking up the volume inside a venue made for four hours of sweat-soaked, ear-bleeding metal. Or so we thought. In truth, VOiD are more like Def Leppard than Death Angel but that’s no criticism of the classy South Wales crew and their hook-laden anthems have ‘radio friendly’ written all over them. Staring into the VOiD gave the HRH regulars an exciting glimpse of the future. Witch Tripper’s groove-laden stoner rock shifted the focus as the Mansfield boys channelled their inner Clutch to mesmerising effect. And by the time Evil Masquerade – led by the imposing Nicklas Sonne – had overcome a few technical gremlins to blast out a devilish cover of the Motörhead classic Ace Of Spades the Road Trippers were rocking! And so to Day Two’s set closers: Dunfermline’s Lawrence O’Brien has only been a member of Attica Rage for little over a month and yet the 22-year-old newbie announced his live debut with a flurry of rapid-fire riffs straight from the Malmsteen school of fretology. With a new album due in 2019 these are exciting times for the Glaswegian metallers and the HRH faves will be back for more very, very soon.

Images courtesy of HRH Mag Festivals Photographer Simon Dunkerley


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