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The brilliant Big Boy Bloater could have been forgiven for quitting while he was on top following the release of 2016’s peerless Luxury Hobo. Bettering that belter of an album would have been beyond lesser men but Bloater, of course, is no ordinary chap.

Blessed with a unique storytelling style and the ability to package real life into four minutes of immersive blues, he’s back with the proverbial bang. Unnaturally Charming – track five of 12 – may not be about the man himself but in two words it perfectly sums up a real treasure of the UK’s live music scene.

Bloater’s cynical, occasionally sarcastic style might not be popular across the board but this is cutting social commentary from the heart. Seamlessly switching from light-hearted banter to more serious observations, Bloater favours an all-consuming mix of dark humour and thought-provoking pessimism.

The canny juxtaposition of Friday Night’s Alright For Drinking alongside The Saturday Night Desperation Shuffle could sum up a weekend in the life of this hard-gigging, soft-centred troubadour. And it probably does. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll come back for more. Guaranteed.

To experience the full Bloater it’s necessary to catch this larger-than-life singer songwriter live. But pop Pills on your turntable and you’ll suddenly feel a whole lot better.


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