London based band The Fierce and the Dead have been described as ‘King Crimson meets Sonic Youth’ however in my opinion their music is much more difficult to define. With their third studio album, ‘The Euphoric’, that follows 2013’s ‘Spooky Action’ and 2017’s live album ‘Field Music’, the Fierce and the Dead have managed to produce a near perfect mix of post rock majesty with plenty of nods to classic prog, stoner and math rock thrown in for good measure. It’s an album full of twists and surprises.

Opening with the track ‘Truck’, its punchy start defies you not to tap your feet along and then explodes with one of the best licks that I have heard in a long time. If you are not familiar with The Fierce and the Dead, I must point out that this is an instrumental album, but don’t be put off as it flows beautifully through tracks like ‘1991’ and ‘Dancing Robots’ with never a dull moment and the more you listen, the more immersive the songs become.

My only criticism would be that at 28 minutes long the album would benefit with an additional 10 minutes of music, as it definitely leaves you wanting more.

So in closing, get the album, clear 28 minutes from your day and enjoy!



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