As technology moves forward, Chic Festivals has to do the same.

At HRH HQ in Ibiza, the team have been working for a number of months on combining the radio station, magazine, tv channel and all the events into one simple app that everyone can use on the go and now it has launched as the new HRH Bible App is revealed.

HRH Radio: The radio station has been proving very popular since its launched at the start of 2017 and now it is on the Bible. You can listen to shows, check the programme schedules, request a song and even favourite the songs you like best. The song favourite system is more than just a like. There is a complex algorithm attached to it that helps us select more music you enjoy. Like an AC/DC track and we will play more similar bands both signed and unsigned.

HRH Magazine: Included in the app is up to date news, reviews and interviews from our roving reporters around the globe all conveniently wrapped into the app at the touch of a button. Find out about the best new releases, which bands have been announced for HRH events, read interviews from some of the biggest bands on the circuit and keep right up to date with all music news.

HRH TV: As you all know, HRH TV is extremely popular on Youtube and now you can carry that in your pocket too. Interviews and live performances from bands playing at the HRH events throughout the year updated instantly on the app. Even some exclusive music releases from bands on Off Yer Rocka label.

HRH Events: Here’s the really clever bit! We have incorporated all of our festivals into the app with interactive maps, line-ups and times, links to the official events and you can even purchase your tickets directly from the app.

Not only all of the above but more features will be added soon.

HRH Bible brings the full HRH Media Hub together combined with Chic Festivals and Off Yer Rocka Recordings to make one of the most powerful app’s on the market. Oh yeah… and its totally free of charge in the Google Play and iOS stores!

*If you already had the original HRH Radio app then check it out as it will have now updated to HRH Bible. If you previously had the HRH Bible app you will need to check the app store for the new app as the old bible app is now deleted and replaced.


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