Melbourne hard rockers Massive return with their third studio album ‘Rebuild Destroy’, (out Feb 1st) and it’s as beer soaked as the band themselves. Like AC/DC before them, Massive have discovered the perfect formula for good time Rock n’ Roll, kick ass songs that make you want to shake your ass and bang your head.

Generation Riot’ grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go, raucous guitar and pounding rhythms that Airbourne would be proud of, the gang vocal chorus is a call to arms to get you out of your seat and boogying and that’s how it stays for ‘Long Time Coming’. Brad does his best Billy Idol impression with the sneering opening line ‘Everything You Say I can Say it Better’ before launching into the straight up punk influenced ‘What You Gonna Do’.

Bullet’ slows things down a little drawing you in as Brad shows off his more melodic vocals, before kicking you in the balls as he screams out the chorus, ‘Roses’ kicks us back into high gear before we slow it down once more for the very introspective ‘Face in the Crowd’ which spins a tale of lost love. ‘Over and Out’ is a two-and-a-half minute foot stomper that sets us up for ‘Pieces’, a fantastic song with an anthemic chorus that will have fans singing along with glee. ‘The Wrecking Crew’ and ‘Gettin Heavy’ are Massive at their absolute best. And closing track ‘A Mile in My Shoes’ is a slow builder that takes us to climax before leaving us battered, broken and spent.

If your New Years resolution was to get in shape, listening to this is a great way to start as you’ll be jumping around like a loon in no time. So break out the beer, crank up the tunes and get ready to rock out!

Rebuild Destroy‘ is released today via Off Yer Rocka – get your copy here : Off Yer Rocka



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