Fifth Angel released their 3rd studio album, ‘The Third Secret’, late last year via Nuclear Blast – the band’s first release in nearly 30 years. To be honest I’d never heard a song by the band before this album hit my inbox, but within 30 seconds of the first track I was hooked.

Hailing from Seattle, Fifth Angel were one of the forefathers of the scene, having disbanded in the early 90s as grunge music hit hard. The band headlined Keep It True Festival in 2012 and again in 2017, and the deal with Nuclear Blast records came about after a 3 track demo was submitted. Through that the third secret was born – 10 tracks of utter brilliance with awesome guitar rifts and heart pounding drum beat and easy to remember lyrics – it’s like the band never went away and picked up exactly where they left off way back in ’89.

Lead singer Kendall Bechtel said, “We are very proud of the new album! We hope the fans will hear the classic threads of the FIFTH ANGEL they know and love, along with the growth and maturity the individuals of the band have gone through over the years. We hope they love the new songs as much as we do!”. Maybe it’s time I changed my desert island discs choices.

Stephen Henry


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