London’s At The Sun are destined to illuminate the capital’s skyline as they are about to release their keenly awaited album ‘Leave Before the Light’.  This five-piece have achieved a sound reputation since their 2017 EP ‘Breathe’ and continue to receive glowing reviews on the live circuit.

The line-up of Harry Dale (Vocals), Alex Matthews (Bass), Chet Jogia (Lead Guitar), Craig Steen (Drums) and Kieron Heavens (Rhythm Guitar) may have taken time to build but they really shine on this release.

The album drives hard from the start with a solidity that is relentless throughout. There’s an uplifting positivity weaved through the lyrics and the composition that demands (and deserves) attention. There is texture in the attack and when the pace is slowed, the passion and power remains – with punchy rhythm and hooky guitar work in every bar.

The band released the video single ‘Soak It Up’ back in October 2018 and it set the tone for the album. Their objective is to write tracks that get you moving and they must surely receive a big meaty tick for nailing that across the entire album. Dale’s vocals have range to burn and this is complimented by the melodic sizzle that radiates from Jogia’s guitar work.

The stand out tracks really are difficult to single out such is the quality of the work but I would choose ‘Indestructible’ and ‘Lifetime’ as they step away from the norm and had me choosing between a smile and a grimace.

Leave Before the Light’ will be self-released by the band and will be on your virtual shelves on 8th March 2019 and they’ll be on the road too so check ‘em out!


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