Having first witnessed Electric Mary at Hard Rock Hell VI, I remember standing watching this bunch of Aussie rockers with a sense of awe and excitement. Once Rusty opened his lungs and filled the room with his voice, my jaw truly dropped and I have been a fan and a champion of the band ever since.

For people who are new to Electric Mary, they are somewhat of a hidden gem here in the UK, these guys are time served in their craft. Having formed in 2003 and named after the amalgamation of, the iconic, Electric Ladyland Studios and its manager Mary Campbell, Electric Mary was forged in the fire of Rusty Brown’s soul and the rest is, as they say, history.

Mother which was released February 15th this year, is their first recording since ‘Alive In Hell Dorado’ in 2016 and is Electric Mary in true to form hard, heavy style, plenty of guitar riffs, hooky, sometimes funky and with Rusty in fine vocal form.

Starting strong with opener ‘Gimme Love’, attitude, energy and force kicks off the start of an undulating journey of hard rock. Electric Mary are a balls to the wall rock band, even when there is a slow ride, such as ‘Sorry Baby’, thanks to the many talents of Brett Wood and Pete Robinson the riffs are strong and edgy, and although emotive, there is no let up on the heavy. The first single ‘Woman’, is a slightly sarcastic ode to love with some of the finest hooks on the album. Standout favourite from first listen comes in the form of track 5, ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’. A high-octane ride, with a huge intro via bass from Alex Raunjak and drums from Spyder, just add Rusty’s melodic force and hooks and riffs galore, makes for the perfect aural onslaught, that in a live arena, is bound to be a crowd pleaser.

My only critique of this album, is that Electric Mary’s recorded material is never long enough and leaves the listener hungry for more. However, with material such as this, they again are demonstrating their prowess in quality rather than quantity and, both on record and live they are most certainly worth waiting for. Rumoured to be heading to the UK in 2019, Electric Mary is a live experience not to be missed and never to be forgotten. Until they return to the UK’s shores, this release will both curb, then whet your appetite as this latest offering is without a doubt, one bad ass MOTHER.

Electric Mary’s album ‘Mother’ is out now via Listenable Records.



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