An internet search, and five minutes reading tells me that Soilwork’s new album ‘Verkligheten’ is their 11th Studio album and features new drummer, Bastian Thusgaard.  Further investigation will tell you other interesting facts; Soilwork are defined as melodic death metal and they’re from Sweden.

The problem with internet searches is that it just gives you facts, not feelings, and for me good music should raise a multitude of emotions.  As a completely neutral listener (I’ve not heard anything by them) I came into this album with no expectations, and ready to be amazed; which I was.

The album’s opener and title track, ‘Verkligheten’ lulls you into a false sense of security. It’s an instrumental and immediately transported me to a 1960’s Cold War Film Noir, where secret codes were traded under the cover of night.  The lilting melody sits comfortably as the prelude to something great; and something great follows…

Arrival’ – a complete opposite in pace but with the same great melodic tone that continues throughout the album.  ‘The Nurturing Glance’ was, and is, my favourite track. For no other reason than I’ve found myself inadvertently humming it.

Moving through the album it’s easy to become very lost in the lyrics and melodies, and I had to go back more than once to listen again because the music grabbed me and took me into another place – a very happy place indeed!

I can’t compare this album to previous work, however I can say that if this is Number 11, I am now eagerly anticipating the release of Number 12!

Soilwork – Verkligheten – is out now via Nuclear Blast.