Kent rockers Collateral are making a big name for themselves as one of the rising forces in the New Wave of Classic Rock movement. Originally formed around 5 years ago, under the name The Angelo Tristan Band, they have been working hard to travel the road to success. It is now looking like the hard work is paying off, and surely will be playing their 80s style rock to a wider audience.

HRH caught up with them to chat about the journey, and what lies ahead.

Hi, welcome, and thanks for taking the time to chat with us here at HRH Mag. It’s looking like the hard work of the last 5 or so years is starting to pay off – can you give us a potted history of the journey so far?

 (Angelo Tristan)

Oh brother! It’s been a long hard road… and this is only the beginning aha. There’s been a lot of work, from the 100 + shows a year some of which were to the bar tender and an old widow… Travelling up and down the country in our red royal mail truck and generally having a fucking good time as a band of brothers. There have been many people that have come and gone but now everyone can sense that this is it, this is the band, this is us. There are many stories that I could tell ya but there’ll come out soon enough. 😉 Just be prepared for us to be here for a very long time!

You are an 80’s looking, 80’s sounding rock band. You seem to have been influenced by the likes of Bon Jovi, Motley Crue and similar, but are there any others that may not be as obvious?

 (Todd Winger)

Like most kids listening to their dad’s records… I grew up with Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Tom Petty, Allman Brothers and Gary Moore… that was my introduction to music which had a huge impact. My biggest latter influences have to be the likes of Paul Gilbert, Buster Gibbons, George Lynch & their respective bands but I always fall back on Gary Moore and those original legends that shaped the classic rock guitarists of our time.

You’re a band that is at the front of the New Wave of Classic Rock movement – it’s obviously what the people want to see and hear. It must be a great time for you?

 (Angelo Tristan)

It’s amazing! but at the same time it causes a lot of sleepless nights for someone like me who is always looking for the next mountain to climb. Don’t get me wrong, the response we have been getting is mind-blowing but now it’s just about keeping up that appearance, keeping the fans happy, they’re the most important people in this whole journey… and obviously reaching out to millions more!

What other new bands are you listening to at the moment? And who do you keep going back to?

 (Todd Winger)

I’m always finding great new music, largely thanks to streaming services which leads me to buying their CDs… The Killbilly 5ers are a little unknown but an ace hard rock outfit!! Hells Addiction are kicking it at the moment sounding great!!

You recently played a great set at the HRH Awards night, and also for The Dark Circle the next day, both of which went down really well with the people who were lucky enough to be there. How was the experience for you? How was the vibe?

 (Angelo Tristan)

I can honestly say that it was the first taste of the childhood dream! I think for all us. The best thing about it was the fact it was a seated event, so I asked everybody to get on up out of their seats… and the whole room stood up, raised their hands and it turned the heat right up! I give it to that crowd, they were amazing and the best crowd we’ve played to for sure. Only problem is we’ve tasted the big stage, now we want it all the time… you’ve got us addicted aha.

The recent Facebook Live event was great to see – hopefully there will be more. Do you see social media as the way forward to get your music heard, or do you prefer to do things old school?

 (Todd Winger)

The NYE live stream for NWOCR was a great experience! Very strange not having an audience in front of you in person though… I believe that you’ve got to roll with the changes (within reason) and that’s not a bad thing! It’s great exposure not only for the artists, but all that are affiliated behind the scenes also trying to get their foot on the ladder… photographers, sound engineers, producers, even small-time guitar and amp builders… the list is endless. At the end of the day, fans are still buying our CDs so we’ve got to take it in our stride.


You have been a hard-working live band, playing 100+ gigs a year in the past. Do you have big tour plans for this year? Lots of live dates to look forward to?


(Angelo Tristan)

Yes we’ve played our fair share of pub gigs aha… but like any original band from the 70’s and 80’s you have to learn your craft, learn who you are as a musician and learn how to give everything you have even if it’s just to the old guy and his dog in the corner of the room… and trust me, we’ve had that aha! But now we want to go out on the road, play in front of as many people as humanely possible and do it day in day out. We have loads of tour planning going on at the moment with some pretty cool festivals lined up such as HRH CROWS in September, Communion of Rock in Wales in October and a headline slot at the Patriots in August which is also in Wales. Dates will be announced very soon for our tour so just stay close.

The EP “4 Shots!” and the single “Midnight Queen” have had some great reviews and good airplay – what’s the next step on the music front? Hopefully a full album maybe?

 (Todd Winger)

We are writing and recording a full album as we speak, due for release in the Summer this year… We’ve listened to what our fans wanted to hear next from us and we’re taking the music in the right direction! We’ve still got the gravel from our fearless leader, Angelo Tristan… I’ll deliver the widdle for the solo lovers out there with Ben & Jack laying down the driving rhythm. Expect just a little more dirt this time around!

If someone was going to cover one of your songs, which one would you pick and who would you like to do it?


(Angelo Tristan)

Oohhh love that question!… It would have to be either ‘Going With The Wind’ done by Tyketto… or ‘Midnight Queen’ done by Bon Jovi! As long as we get the royalties. 😉


If you could put on a festival for a day, which bands would you have playing with you (old or new)?

 (Todd Winger)

That’s a damn good question!!! I’d mix it right up!! I’d have to get H.E.A.T on the bill!! Those guys are absolutely nuts live!!! The Cadillac Three. I love a dirty southern groove… Chris Stapleton for the chicks… Richie Sambora, for Angelo. Bad Touch, wicked guys… Great tunes. I’ll top it off with Bryan Adams… maybe not what you’d expect but he is amazing live! He should do more UK festivals!

Thanks again for taking the time to chat. Wishing you all the best for the year ahead – We shall look forward to seeing you at HRH CROWS in September.



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