Have you ever thought to kick yourself for not doing something? I had the opportunity to see Beast in Black last December but was just too tired (also I wasn’t sure I’d like them), so I gave it a miss.

Today I listened to their new album ‘From Hell With Love’ released by Nuclear Blast Records.  ‘Sweet True Lies’ hurled me back to a time of spandex and big hair and I was hooked in as I closed my eyes and imagined this being sung live by a crowd of adoring fans.

I must confess that I was pleasantly surprised with the track ‘Oceandeep’; not a screaming guitar in sight. This track was slow, melodic and for me it was very beautiful. It’s hard to put my finger on my favourite track, it was ‘Oceandeep’ until I heard ‘This is War’. The drums roused the warrior, we fought our enemy and I can only presume it was a flute that lulled us to sleep as victors. I was ready to invade my neighbours garden by the end of three and a half minutes – THIS IS WAR!

The album is full of little “anthemic” nuggets, songs that grab you from the first roar and have you singing the chorus before the end of the track. I can understand that this album might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for me it was not just a cup of tea, it had a ginger nut biscuit too.

Beast in Black “From Hell With Love” is out now via Nuclear Blast.