It feels a little odd to write my thoughts on In Flames new album, they’re a band that’s always been on the periphery of what I listen to, and I’ll hear a track here or there, but they’re not a band that stays in my mind.

If this seems irrelevant, it kind of is but it’s mostly to preface that I don’t really know the band outside of a few big tracks, like ‘Self vs Self’ and ‘Take This Life’, so I’m coming in as a mostly new listener.

Overall the new album, ‘I, The Mask’, has quite an aggressive, guttural feel to it (with a few exceptions, like ‘Follow Me’), which seems par for the course with what I’ve heard from them in the past.

So if you’re in for more of the same you’ll get your mileage out of the album I’m sure. However, if you’re trying the band out, I don’t know if I’d say this is the best album to start with. The album’s not bad by any means; and there definitely one or two stand out tracks – ‘Follow Me’ and ‘We Will Remember’ being most notable in my opinion.

I, The Mask’ is out now via Nuclear Blast Records, and the tour brings them to the UK in April 2019.

Joshua Thomas