Cats in Space invite us on a ‘Day Trip to Narnia’ with the release of their third studio album, having garnered a decent amount of success with their first two albums, 2015’s ‘Too Many Gods’ and 2017’s ‘Scarecrow’ and touring alongside the likes of rock legends Deep Purple, Status Quo and Thunder where they picked up a veritable space ship full of fans with their scintillating live shows. So what do the Cats have in store for us? and why should we care?… let’s find out!

The thing that drew me to the Cats initially is that they’re a fun band, they make fantastic music that’s ridiculous, whimsical and first and foremost.. uplifting. You can’t help but smile when you listen to them. Individually the band are incredibly talented but together they’re like a force of nature, the writing on this album is sublime, the music is like something out of a broadway musical with lyrics that are instantly memorable and unique.

From the opening winds of ‘Narnia’ right through to the 27 minute epic that is “The Tale of Johnny Rocket”, the album transports you back to the 70’s in a multi-layered vocal assault backed by huge guitars, grand pianos and massively sing-able choruses. I am genuinely lost for words on how good this record is. I know some people just don’t get this type of music but “rock” isn’t all about screaming guitars and throbbing bass, sometimes it’s about shutting out the real world and getting lost in a world of make believe.

So put on your flares, lace up those platforms and get ready to beam up to the Cat Pod for a slice of purrfect nostalgia wrapped in a shiny modern package.

“Day Trip to Narnia” is out now via Harmony Factory Records.