Swiss cocksure rockers Daxx & Roxane have been electrifying the UK scene with their high-voltage, testosterone-soaked live performances for the last five years, amassing a loyal fanbase and deftly proving our original prognosis that they are “on the fast track to Superstardom!” Having first appeared at HRH Sleaze in 2017 and at HRH Road Trip Ibiza last year, Daxx & Roxane will be returning to the Sleaze stage on Saturday 31st August 2019 for a thrilling adrenalin-fuelled show that simply has to be seen to be believed. Just don’t ask them how they got their name…

How and when was your band formed?

We’ve known each other since we are kids, so we were already spending all our time together long before we started playing music. But the musical style of the band as it is today really happened when we moved to London around 2014.

Why did you move to the UK and what are your long-term plans?

[LUCA & SIMON] Moving to the UK was something we all had in mind since we started playing together. It has an undeniable rock history and it’s also not too far from home.

There wasn’t anything else we wanted to do other than music really, so as soon as we were done with our studies, we all packed up our instruments and moved here, the plan being to push our dream as far as it could go and enjoy one hell of a ride!

Where does your band’s name come from?

[CEDRIC] Hahaha, when the four of us are sitting together in a retirement home or a nuthouse we’ll probably still be asked this question again and again. When we were kids Cal had two pet rats that we loved. Their names were Daxx and Roxane.

How does the UK’s Rock scene compare to the Swiss scene right now?

[CAL & CEDRIC] Honestly, it is kind of hard for us to answer this one. We have been living in the UK for quite a few years now and unfortunately have only had the opportunity to play back home a couple of times. We don’t know what the music scene is like right now, but back when we started playing stages there we felt a bit out of place. Classic Rock was not really a thing in Switzerland at the time. We were feeling either too soft or too heavy to fit in with other bands. This is something we enjoy a lot in the UK at the moment – it feels like there is a whole new movement around rock music (for example, the NWOCR), with a lot of great new bands and great support from the fans. It is like a big family growing rapidly across the country and we’re really excited to be part of it.

Can you describe for someone who’s never been to one of your gigs, what a Daxx & Roxane live show looks and sounds like?

[SIMON & CEDRIC] We love to play live, that’s where we release all our energy and make sure to channel it through our performance and electrifying live sound. We love to party and share the moment with the audience! On stage we mess around a lot and had a habit of knocking amps off the stage when we were playing in small pubs. But now, playing bigger stages is like a bigger playground. Keep an eye out for Cal, if he’s nowhere to be seen on stage, he’s probably climbing on some speakers somewhere!

What have been the highlights of your career so far?

[CAL & LUCA] Every show is special, but we have to admit we have two favourites. The first one has to be opening for HIM on their farewell show in London at a sold-out Roundhouse. That was an amazing experience as it’s such a beautiful venue and the reaction of the crowd was really positive. It was also quite a weird and exciting feeling supporting a band that we had been watching on MTV as kids. The second one was playing in our hometown, at the world famous Montreux Jazz Festival back in 2016. It was a really good moment for us as it was our first time playing back in Switzerland since we left and could play for all our childhood friends and family in a huge venue.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

[CEDRIC] We are planning a few festivals and some tours, but the main focus this year is flying to Sweden for the recording of our second album at Spine Road Studio. We started working with Pedro Ferreira who produced The Darkness’ ‘Permission To land’ and are really excited about it – he really gets the vibe of the band and is taking our sound to a whole new level.  We’ve already recorded two songs with him and the first single Someone I Love came out on 8th March.

How does it feel to be headlining this year’s Outlaw Rock ‘n’ Roll Weekend at The Globe, Glossop?

[CEDRIC] We’re really pumped for it! We met the guys from Gorilla Riot in Manchester when we were touring with Bad Touch last year. We had a fun night chatting with them and Deggy contacted us afterwards to ask us if we’d be up for it. We’re really looking forward to it, it’s gonna be a fun night!

If you were taking the middle slot in the show of your dreams, who would you be supporting and who would be opening for you?

[SIMON & CAL] Choosing whom we’d like support would be a tough one – there are so many legendary bands we’d be honoured to open for. It could be Def Leppard, Metallica, Deep Purple, AC/DC, but there are so many more. For example, the Swiss band Krokus are doing their farewell tour right now and it would be a banger of a night to be able to open for them just before they hang their guitars. Same goes for the opener, we’ve met so many cool and fun people from the rock scene in the UK over the last few years. If we were to invite someone to open on this bill, we’d probably go for Mongrel Dogs. They are a London-based rock band and together we are like a gang. We’ve shared stages on many occasions around the London clubs. They are really cool guys and make some amazing music, check ‘em out folks!

What are your aspirations for the future?

Firstly, we want to finish this new album. We’re really excited as we are writing a lot of really good stuff at the moment and we can’t wait to share those new songs with everyone as we feel we’ve grown a lot musically since ‘Ticket To Rock’. We’d love to follow that with a tour of our own, or a co-headline tour, as sharing the fun with another band releasing their album around the same time would be fun. Joining a bigger band as a support on their tour would be a pretty good follow up. We also want to develop a bigger stage show, as we said we love messing around on stage and we’re always looking for new ideas to perform on stage. We love having fun whilst playing and we’re all about giving the audience more than just a rock show, we want to give them a thrilling experience. If any of your readers have some crazy suggestions for us, we’d love to hear them!

 Daxx & Roxane are:

Cédric Pfister – Vocals / Bass

Cal Wymann – Lead Guitar

Simon Golaz – Rhythm Guitar
Luca Senaldi – Drums




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