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Since quitting Inglorious last October, bassist Colin Parkinson has been a very busy man. Reunited with guitarist Drew Lowe in Temple Of One, the band have just released their second single ‘Song Of Hope’, which was exclusively premiered on Planet Rock. Having also welcomed his first child into the world, Colin talks to us about juggling parenthood and songwriting, and whether a ‘new arrival’ for Temple Of One could also be on ‘the cards’ soon…

Can you tell us about your brand new single, ‘Song Of Hope’? What are the lyrics about and what inspired it?

I originally wrote it about a person that I was in a relationship with years ago. But I guess it’s equally relevant to myself and to others who are going through stressful times. We tend to forget about the positive aspects of life and the good people around us.

Your new single has been played on the BBC Radio 2 Rock Show as well as on the Down The Front Podcast – has it enjoyed any other airplay?

Yeah, we didn’t expect that! We’re so grateful that people are open to our music and that it’s worthy of radio play. Quite a few stations have been supporting us already which is amazing – Planet Rock, Radio 2, Total Rock, WCR, Cambridge Rock and more, as well as Podcasts and various Spotify playlists… with only one song out!

(Editor – catch the new track ‘Song of Hope’ on HRH Radio from today)

When is your debut album expected to be released and can you tell us anything about it yet?

Yeah of course… we’ve an album’s worth of material pretty much recorded and are awaiting funds to finish mixing it. We haven’t gone to any record companies or managers yet. We’re just getting everything together (which is really sounding great!) and will then approach people with something that’s worth their while getting involved in. Funding is the only thing that’s holding things up at the moment but we’ll get there and we’re planning on releasing it later this year.

What shows, tours and/or festivals do you have planned for this year?

We haven’t been focusing too much on shows yet as Andrew is away playing with Rock Of Ages and myself and Greenie have been busy with our other projects and life but we’re loosely looking at sorting something for late summer. That way we’ll have an album to support and promote. I really want it to be right and it will be!

Which band(s) would you most like to go on tour with and why?

We actually had an opportunity to go on tour with Kings X this year, who I absolutely idolize, but we just haven’t got the funds to even afford the buy-on, which was so bloody frustrating! I’d love to support The Winery Dogs again… I think I could actually talk to Billy Sheehan now without becoming a little girl and our music would also work well. I’m a massive fan of the band, who are obviously incredible.

You formed Temple Of One together with your former Inglorious bandmate Drew Lowe – do you think you can attain the same level of success as your previous band?

Temple Of One’s music was actually written a couple of years before Inglorious came about. We were a band called ‘Circles’ and we tried to get noticed in amongst the plethora of shoe gazing Indie bands that saturated London at the time. We got onto Kerrang! TV though which was cool. I think anything’s possible with the right team around you. We’re just excited to finally get the music out that we’ve had and believed in for all of these years. I have so many songs for more albums so hopefully it’ll all go well. This band is a positive one. I’m now playing with guys who play for the pure joy of playing and creating music. It’s a real pleasure.

What are your hopes for the future?

To play for people who want to hear our music around the world.

Is it hard to juggle life as a full time musician with being a new Dad?

Not really to be honest. George is a very welcome and amazing addition to my life. It’s a pleasure really and he just adds more love to this life experience. I do the morning feed most days and then pick up the acoustic when I put him down and write with him there. Actually he loves watching me do recording sessions and absolutely loves slap bass, so fingers crossed he’ll be giving it some when he’s older!

What are you listening to at the moment?

It changes a lot… Fever 333, Band Of Skulls, Otis Redding, Celine Dion and Ghost are my recent faves.

What are the best ways for fans and those in the industry to support new music and the emerging grassroots bands?

For fans, it’s to keep going to gigs and buy the merch! That is literally what keeps bands going on the road – that and VIP packages. Since people listen to albums for free now they really shouldn’t complain about VIP packages. The ‘industry’ should sort out streaming site royalties amongst a lot of other things. That’d help a load of great bands afford to do what they love!

Watch the official music video for ‘Song Of Hope’ here:


Temple Of One are:

Colin Parkinson – Bass / Vocals

Drew Lowe – Guitar

Dave ‘Greenie’ Green – Drums


See them here:

18th May – with Collateral and Daxx & Roxane – Borderline, London

13th Oct – ComMUNIon Of Rock Festival, Swansea

8th Dec – Planet Rockstock, Trecco Bay, Porthcawl







Words – Anne Estella

Photography – Scullion Photography