Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons at HRH Roadtrip X Ibiza 2019

Bands, Beers, Bikes and Boats its all been happening in sunny San Antonio this week!

Whilst veteran space rockers Hawkwind were all about their Silver Machine, yesterday it was the turn of an alternative form of transport with the return of HRH’s metal fuelled adventures on the high seas with a Pirate themed boat party. Such was the demand to take part in this long-standing Ibiza tradition that a second sailing had to be added. With the boat cruising around the waves of San Antonio Bay, the HRH RTX crew were most certainly rocking. For most a dose of sun, sea and sangria was enough to cure their hangovers.

HRH RTX Boat Party


Hawkwind recently arrived on the White Island as part of their milestone 50th anniversary tour. On Friday night the band proved that after all this time they’ve still got what it takes, and a full house was in attendance to witness their rare appearance on Ibiza. And what better setting than Eden’s main room. Led by founding member Dave Brock, Hawkwind delivered a retrospective set that covered all of the bases. Highlights included the epic Spirit of the Age, Utopia along with their nod to Lemmy with The Watcher. It goes without saying that long-standing drummer Richard Chadwick is one of the most talented sticksmen we’ve witnessed and kept the rhythm tight at the back throughout their 90-minute set.



Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons

Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons

The Motorhead connection has run strong this week as Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons proved that just like their axeman’s former employer they possess their own heavy artillery of mosh pit inducing anthems in their own right. Tracks like Freak Show and Big Mouth certainly hit the spot. Whilst Ace of Spades, Born To Raise Hell and Rock Out were welcome additions for the Motorheadbangers in attendance who showed their appreciation with a middle finger salute.
Gin Annie
Falling Red

Gin Annie & Falling Red

Whilst HRH RTX has seen its fair share of legends this week, the NWOCR scene has proven that its not just the balmy Balearic weather that can bring the heat. The likes of Gin Annie and an emotionally charged set from Cumbrian rockers Falling Red have blown the dome-shaped roof off San Antonio superclub Eden. Each group full of confidence and charisma that charmed the Ibiza crowd making them both difficult acts to follow.
Footprints in the Custard

Footprints in the Custard

On the other hand, party metal outfit Footprints in the Custard, who played well after the watershed on Thursday night, delivered an X-rated show that would even make their esteemed peers Steel Panther blush. The band certainly went for a less is more approach to their onstage attire with mankini’s being the order of the day. Being the last band of the evening the cheeky (quite literally) chappies even had the gusto to thank Phil Campbell (who had appeared earlier in the evening) for supporting them. When FITC are in town you should expect the unexpected and anything goes.

Outside of Eden, the talking point has been the 2020 lineup for HRH Road Trip, which was announced earlier this week. With the likes of Reef, Joe Lynn Turner, Skindred and many more already announced it looks like next year’s event is going to be a hot ticket for sure. For booking information and further details please visit

HRH RTX Viking Boat Party


HRH Roadtrip XI Ibiza 2020


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