Fresh from their blistering set at HRH AOR VII, we caught up with Haxan guitarist/vocalist Sam Bolderson for a few words.

Hi Sam, and welcome. Thanks for taking the time to chat to us fresh from finishing your amazing set. It certainly went down well with the crowd – how did you find it?

Thanks for the kind words! We had a lot of fun, the energy was pretty high in the room, and we enjoy feeding off that.

You’ve done a few HRH events now – you obviously like them. What brings you back? What do you enjoy about them?

We love playing HRH! The crowd are always so warm and welcoming. I think the HRH-goers are always up for giving new bands a chance, and discovering new music. Plus it’s a good chance for us to listen to some new bands too and enjoy the weekend.

Who else have you managed to see while here? Is there anyone you are hoping to catch?

We saw Sweet who have still got it for sure. Harmonies so on point. There are so many great bands on the bill. UFO are gonna be pretty special we think, so we’re looking forward to catching them.

There’s a great New Wave of Classic Rock movement building – who are you listening to at the moment?

It’s growing week by week! There are a few bands who keep drawing us in at the moment. Massive Wagons, Those Damn Crows and Daxx & Roxane to name a few. But its definitely thriving and loads of bands are putting great stuff out.

You played a couple of great new tracks in the set – “Killing Time” and “Gravedigger” – does this mean we have an album on the way?

We will have an album out very soon! Actual blood, sweat and tears went into making it so we can’t wait to unleash it and get it out there.

Will there be a tour to go with it?

We will be touring in the autumn. It’ll be nice to do a run of shows, get the new material out, and see how it goes down. Plus we love being on the road.

What else is planned for the rest of the year? Lots of gigs/festivals lined up?

A tonne of shows lined up which is always great. We’re super busy over the next few months. Festival season starts soon and its gonna take us all over the country and to Europe. A full gig list can be found on our website and Facebook page.

You seem to be getting noticed a lot more now – all the hard work is finally paying off, it seems. Has it been a tough road? Can you give us a brief history?

We work hard and luckily it is starting to pay off, (fingers crossed), but certainly tough at times, as I’m sure most musicians will tell you. There are so many bands on the scene, so it’s important to push forward, be humble, and find what you do best and where you sit in that scene. Above all though, we thrive on it. The hard times make you stronger and the fun times outweigh them all day long. I think a turning point for us was when we changed the name after the Monsters of Rock Cruise. It was well received and seemed to open a few doors for us. We know how lucky we are for the opportunities we get and we are super grateful. So getting offered bigger and better shows, particularly the Australian dates, really allowed us to start making a name for ourselves. And hopefully we can continue to do so.

If you could have one of your songs covered, which one would you choose, and who would you like to do it?

Ooh that’s a tricky one! To be honest, being an “up and coming” band at this point in our career, we’d be honoured if someone decided to cover one of our tracks.

If you were to organise your own one-day festival, with yourselves headlining, who else would you have on the bill?

Let’s go full on fantasy line up! It would be amazing to share the stage with any one of the bands and artists who we grew up listening to. So Joan Jett, Led Zep, Suzi Quatro, AC/DC. But as you mentioned previously, there are a load of new bands coming through the NWOCR scene. I think you could pick a handful of bands who fall under this banner and put on something pretty special.

Thanks again for taking the time to talk to us. Hopefully we will see again at an HRH festival soon!