With a title of an album like ‘Super Atomic Werewolf Chicks on Motorcycles’ you just know that you are going to be getting an album that is an all-out blast of unadulterated guitars from Frazer Horton, bass from Tim Cross and drums that pulse the heart rate up a few notches from Steve Ford, the intense and powerful vocals of Nick Danger brings the album its very distinctive sound that is unmistakable Zombie Met Girl.

This Kent based band that started back in 2006 have a mix of genres all rolled into one that gives them a step up from bands in their genre, a mix of Garage/Surf/Punk/Rock ‘n Roll. Being a bit Sci-Fi fan myself the album’s lyrics remind me of those the stories of the 60’s horror movies that I adored as a kid, hell I still do.

Zombie Met Girl’s first album on their new label Roulette Records is one that is going to be grabbing the attention of fans of fast and loose guitars and riveting drum beats, the opening track ‘Mail Order Bride’, which is also the first single to be released from the album, sets the feel of the album and throughout the 12 track album you’ll be air-drumming all the way throughout.

When it comes down to blasting out the tunes Zombie Met Girl’s ‘Super Atomic Werewolf Chicks on Motorcycles’ is certainly an album that must be played loud, just sit back and crank up those speakers to as high as they’ll take it and rock out with the guys. Then take a moment to kick back for track 8, ‘Last Night at the Lunar Café’ and just fall into the lyrics before ‘Trash, Black Rabbit’ and then my personal favourite ‘No More’ and the fantastic ending track ‘Oblivion’.

‘Super Atomic Were Chicks on Motorcycles’ is one hell of an album from Zombie Met Girl and a debut album that is one that deserves excessive listens, grab a copy now and check it out, it’s well worth it.