Since joining the HRH family in 2017, I’ve had the great honour to interview many musicians. Hailing from distant shores, and nearby towns, every lady and gent that has taken the Jezebel Ginger Nut Challenge (my infamous interview format!) has been an absolute pleasure.

At the end of March, I joined the team at Hammerfest XI in Prestatyn.  The sun shone and the music was loud and varied; with legends and newcomers gracing two stages over the weekend.

Saturday afternoon saw The InJester make their Hammerfest debut, and I’m not sure we’ll be the same again.

The Injester @ Hammerfest 2019

I passed them on their arrival, a large van, driven by a clown is not something you see every day, although I’ve seen pirates and escapees from the asylum this weekend, so nothing should surprise me really.

In total, there are seven clowns in the horde, led by Ashe on vocals.  Guitars are brought to us by Skinface, Gaspard, and Auguste (who also adds a little extra vocal).  The bass is wielded by Sparky while Yorick adds keyboards and samples.  I’m not forgetting Morax, he’s the baby faced drummer that plays in the way that only an experienced drummer does. I don’t normally have a fear of clowns, but Morax wears a fixed face mask that makes it both eerie and fascinating in equal measures.

Collectively The InJester have the best part of a century’s musical creation under their respective belts.  However, this is their first stage outing as the clowne horde we saw today.

The Injester @ Hammerfest 2019 *

Morax and Ashe joined me, whilst the rest of the horde were kept safely under lock and key.

Ashe explained that in past lives they’d played with different bands on many stages, from Wacken to Hammerfest, but in this incarnation the distraction of “ooh it’s thingy from that band” is taken away – because we, the audience, have no idea who they are under the makeup!

By the end of our chat, I still had no idea who is behind the mask, although I didn’t think to ask if they were using stage names and from their accents I’m pretty sure they’re not from anywhere nearby.  More than that, I don’t need to know.  I like the mystery and the theatre that the band bring to the stage, and I can make up my own mind to whether I like them or not (I do like them, they are fun).

The Injester @ Hammerfest 2019

Your eye is drawn to the spectacle, and any resemblance to previous (or current) personas is entirely coincidence.

Currently, March 2019, there’s a “holding track”, Knifeblower, although there are plans to release an official video in the summer.  There’s also another planned release, ‘Apophenia!’ from their upcoming EP, later this year.

Along with tour dates during the year, I think The InJester is going to be making a very large splash very soon!