Burning Rain

First formed in 1998 and with 3 albums under their belt the hard rock supergroup Burning Rain comprised of Whitesnake’s Doug Aldrich and Montrose’s Keith St. John return with their fourth full length album in 6 years – this time around joined by Slaughter’s Blas Elias on drums and Y&T’s Brad Lang on bass. With such a pedigree of contributing artists, you’d be right in thinking that this is a very well put together record, the songwriting and production are top notch. There is a familiarity to the sound that tips the hat to bands of yesteryear, but there is a modern feel that won’t alienate younger listeners.

This is a band that work very well together and that is no mean feat when you have so many potential egos in one place, there is a swagger to the album that bands who’ve been together for 20 years struggle to emulate. As a fan of Doug it was the guitar work that interested me to begin with but the vocals are what sets this album up for greatness. Songs like ‘Revolution’, ‘Nasty Hustle’ and ‘Midnight Train’ wear their rock credentials on their sleeves, but it’s the slower bluesier tracks that make this truly shine for me.

Songs that really grabbed me were ‘Lorelei’, ‘Shelter’ and ‘Hit and Run’ – there is a southern style blues feel to these songs that lifted them head and shoulders above everything else on the album, that’s not to say I didn’t like the rest of the record… far from it, I found it to be a fantastic slab of classic rock and by years end I’d be very surprised if it didn’t feature in quite a few top lists, my own amongst them.

“Burning Rain – Face the Music” is out now on Frontiers Records.