Daxx and Roxane

This gig had been on my mind for a long time. The excitement of seeing a band I knew well since seeing them at HRH Roadtrip Ibiza in 2018, along with a band I had only heard great things about, and a new band on their first ever gig. This was tinged with the sad news that the club (The Borderline, London) will be closing – though I was sure the bands would make it a night to remember.

Temple of One

First up was Temple Of One – the new band formed by ex Inglorious bassist Colin Parkinson, re-uniting with guitarist Drew Long and joined by Dave Green on drums.  He later admitted to me that he was really nervous before taking to the stage for the band’s first live appearance, but he needn’t have worried. Sadly having to start pretty much as soon as the doors opened, the crowd was still starting to form as they played their first song – “The Cards” but by the second song most were in from the queue outside. Forgetting those earlier nerves, Colin was soon rocking out, singing with gusto and caressing his bass. The crowd were enjoying it too.  And it was nice to see the other bands in the crowd watching as well. The group have a good classic rock vibe and play like they mean it! A great set draws to a close with the latest single “Song of Hope” – a personal song, as Colin introduces it, which gets a great reaction. “And now for something completely different” he says, as we are left with a fantastic 90mph version of The Police’s “Next To You”. He again thanks the fans for being there for their first gig.


Collateral have been making waves for a while now, and rightly so. By the time they take to the stage the room is packed. The band start playing as singer Angelo Tristan takes to the stage looking like a rock star personified  – charisma, swagger and attitude to match. They have the crowd on board from the start, as they open with “Mr Bigshot” – Angelo interacting with the audience who are lapping it up. The band are playing their part too – Todd Winger on guitar, Jack Bentley Smith on bass and Ben Atkinson on drums fit together well.  “Midnight Queen” sees Tristan reaching for the acoustic, and the crowd singing along, and clapping to order.  “Going With The Wind” shows us that he has the voice to match the look – this man can hit some notes! “Just Waiting For You” ends 3-in-a-row from their “4 Shots” EP, and has the audience holding phone torches aloft.

We are told that the album should be released in September and will include a country song (as is Angelo’s want!) – “About This Boy”. It’s a very catchy song, and could easily be a single. There is a little Eagles feel to it, and seems to go down well.

It’s then back to the rock as Todd treats us to a guitar solo, as the rest of the band jokingly make hand gestures off to the side of the stage! This is followed by three tracks that will appear on the new album – “Promise Land”, “Merry Go Round” and finishing with current single “Lullaby”. It is a fantastic set, played by a band who are revelling in the support the crowd gives them. They play like they are in much bigger venues – and soon will be for sure.

Daxx and Roxane

There is a big cheer as Daxx & Roxane take to the stage.  Cedric Pfister (vocals/bass), Simon Golaz (rhythm guitar), Cal Wymann (lead guitar) and Luca Senaldi (drums) have the crowd on their side judging by the number of band T-shirts being worn. Kicking off with “Sugar Rush”, from the 2016 EP “4 x 4”, we know we are in for a good night. The band are on form, and working well together.  And they look like they are enjoying themselves too, which is always good to see.  “Girl Next Door” and “Ticket to Rock” follow as a great double-hitter. The crowd are singing along, both tracks being favourites lifted from the 2017 “Ticket To Rock” album. The band are interacting as they play the songs. Cal is throwing some great guitar licks and Luca is an animal behind the drums.

“Loneliness”, “Lust and Love” – which features Golaz on harmonica, and “Wild Child” keep the set chugging along at speed, before we have an interesting cover in the shape of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”. It has been twisted slightly, but still works, and fits in well to the set.

It’s back to early single “Junk Food Hangover” next, which sees more singing from the choir, and Senaldi on the drums obviously getting too hot, and taking his shirt off! “Someone I Love” is the band’s latest single which has been getting good air-play and gets a good reaction here.

The too-short set is drawing to a close (cursed club night early curfew again!) as we get “State Outta Myself” followed by favourite “Wrong Side” to finish the set. But not before a good session of singing from the crowd in the chorus. And also the now legendary jump as Cal flies over the kneeling Golaz mid song. An appreciative crowd aren’t ready to let them finish yet though, and we have a welcome encore of a cover of The Stone’s “Jumping Jack Flash” leading in to the very appropriate “Good Vibes”.

The last song totally sums up the whole evening. The audience forgot the impending closure of the venue and just enjoyed rocking out to three great bands sharing some excellent music. These bands will all keep rocking in bigger venues – the lucky few will be able to say they saw them here!

WORDS : Doug Bearne

PHOTOGRAPHY : Robert Sutton (Not to be used without permission)