I am a woman of simple tastes, I like my music loud and my bands to smell good when they come off stage; and fortunately Left For Red tick both boxes. I saw them live in 2016, and they left something of an impression, especially as the whole band ended their set smelling as good as they started it (no mean feat, I can tell you).  So, this is the background and the explanation for my desire to listen to the new album ‘Human Complex’.

I didn’t listen to it in order, simply because it played that way, and I’m glad I didn’t because the album’s opening track, ‘Dancing with Misery’, didn’t grab me in the way I’d hoped it would.  It was just a bit too slow for me, it wasn’t bad, just not for me.

However, the first track I did hear, ‘Switchblade Romance’, not only grabbed me, it shook me by the shoulders and demanded that I do listen and see the band perform on stage!  It was melodic, shouty and loud and just really good.

By the time we had passed ‘The Storm’ and reached ‘Hand of God’ I was happily imagining the moshpit and the crowd, and the lovely smell of a band that delivers great music.

It may not be the best quality of production, and probably not everyone will love it, but there’s a raw sound in places that just adds to the recommendation that this band NEEDS to be seen live!