Rammstein go disco according to a few keyboard warriors on the fan page!?

Yes there are a few curveballs thrown in on their latest self titled album but the Berlin based industrial-metal pounders still crush on all levels and the ten year wait for this eleven track monster sees them in bullish form. Currently available and released on Universal Music, its popularity was proved by ‘Deutschland’ (Germany), the first single taken from the album, receiving over nineteen million views on YouTube in just four days.

Fronted by man mountain Till Lindemann, their seventh studio in my opinion is their heaviest. It kicks off seismically with ‘Deutschland’ with their instantly recognisable riffs from Richard Z.Kruske and Paul Landers backed by the jackhammer drumming of Christoph Schneider. Vocals are whispered until the gripping choruses ram the songs subject home with aplomb as it closes with even more bombast. ‘Radio’ is the first of the catchy tracks here. It’s all toe tapping, finger clicking keyboards from Christian (Flake) Lorenz with muscle added by manic vocals, heartbeat drums and wrecking ball power riffing. Just when I thought it could not get even more mindblowing, ‘Zeig Dich’ (Show Yourself) is a roller coaster ride of pulverizing power metal that must of shook the foundations of the recording studio. ‘Auslander’ (Foreigner) is a keyboard overload of techno and quirky samples over a dramatic vocal and swirling riffs. ‘Sex’, brings back the headbanging with the guitar tone set to kill, as do the huge choruses. ‘Puppe’ (Puppet) is easily the most controversial song here. An unhinged vocal matches the subject of the song which I won’t go into but Rammstein are not a band to pull back on the reins. Till drags a truly disturbing vocal over eerie keys and chords and it ends on a black cloud of doom.

The booming bass of Oliver Riedel pummels along ‘Was Ich Liebe’ (What I Love), a simple song by their standards  as Till spews out an erotic vocal. ‘Diamant’ (Diamond) is a short, sweet piece of gentle keys that leave room for a gripping vocal and they head off to another tangent as they march into progressive rock territory with ‘Weit Weg’ (Far Away). Keys battle to be heard over the Earth moving riffs. ‘Tattoo’ hits hard and heavy with a no frills heavy metal monster. The album closes with another dose of electronica as ‘Hallomann’ (Announcer) throbs with the keys once again standing toe to toe with those guitars once again.

Currently on a stadium tour, catch them while you can, it’s a live show not to be missed!