Sweden’s extreme tech metal pioneers Meshuggah are one of the few bands who don’t sound like anyone else – if Meshuggah are playing you know it’s them straight away. This set of four studio vinyl reissues chart the progression of their complex sound evolution perfectly.

The albums being reissued are 2002’s ‘Nothing’, 2005’s ‘Catch33’, 2008’s ‘Obzen’ and 2012’s ‘Koloss’ and the 2004 Live EP ‘I’ which contained the amazing 21-minute title track which took the band six months to finish recording.  This vinyl release also contains an additional track ‘Pitch Black’ and live versions of ‘Bleed’ and ‘Dancers to a Discordant System’ both being from the ‘Obzen’ album. ‘Nothing and ‘Catch33’ both have the relentless Meshuggah down-tuned sound using eight string guitars and Jens Kidman’s brutal vocals.

In my opinion it was with the ‘Obzen’ album that the band really found their sound, a heavier more layered song structure, which is apparent from the first track ‘Combustion’ and flows through the whole album. The jazz fusion influence can also be heard in songs such as ‘Pineal Gland Optics’. I am glad we don’t have to wait four years for the reissue of Obzen’s follow up  ‘Koloss’ like we did for the original release! ‘Koloss’ is a further evolution in the band’s sound with slower tempo songs with even more complex structures. The opening track ‘I am Colossus’ keeping a slower tempo for the entirety of the song but things soon ramp up with ‘The Demon’s Name is Surveil’ and keeps you guessing what’s coming next for the duration of the album.

All reissued albums come in limited colour and marble/splatter option and all options are limited to prints of 300. All albums are also available on black vinyl. I wonder if there is a plan to also reissue the band’s first three album’s on vinyl too…we can only hope.  Anyway, I’m off to pre-order some Meshuggah vinyl!!