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Gorilla Riot are releasing the single “Young Guns” on 14th July via OYR, with a new album due this November.

Young Guns‘ tells the tales of the Riot’s frontman, Arjun Bhishma’s debauched time in
Edinburgh, Scotland, where as a young man he lived from one party to the next,
experiencing and living in the moment with a group of friends as only ‘young guns’ can.
Arjun Bhishma, said, “The song is about an adventure I had when I was living up in
Edinburgh. I lived a ludicrous life up there with my mates. This song was a way for me to remember those hazy days with admiration. All we had was the next party, who knows where we would end up?”.

Limited tickets are still available for their performance at HRH CROWS II this September – click here!