Black Roze featured in our regular “Fresh Hell” feature in HRH Magazine back in the spring, and this week were confirmed for HRH Sleaze III this coming August.


Who are you?
Black Roze

Roll Call?
Viixen Roze: Vocals; Lyricist; Songwriter , Jaime Cortinas: Guitar; Keyboards; Songwriter, Baz Roze: Guitars & songwriter, Steve Rankin: Bass; Songwriter; lyricist, Vic Finch: Drums & Songwriter.

Hailing from?
South East Kent – we are dotted around Thanet which has a great music scene which harks back to the 60s where bands like Deep Purple, The Rollling Stones, The Who etc have played. This carried on through to the 80’s & early 90s where there was a local venue called The Ship which spawned a new generation (as of then) of NWOBHM, hair metal & thrash bands and was also a basis for 4 testosterone fuelled future Black Roze male teenagers to evolve their musical talent 😉

Journey so far?
Baz decided to reform his former covers band Black Rain in 2013 with his former guitar buddy Jaime, this basically kicked off where it left off, headlining numerous bikers rallies & festivals playing to thousands of people. This lasted until 2016 when Black Rain’s singer left to tour America with an ex member of Motorhead. Bring into the scene Viixen!! She was in the girlband Plenty, who had just split. We had a few auditions; she blew us away…she was in!
We changed our name to Black Roze as it was more fitting for a female fronted band, this was where our real journey begun. We became very popular and in September 2017 we got a call from a promoter offering us a gig at The Hard Rock Cafe, London, on the premise that we included more original material. Being a chance to showcase the band and impress at a prestigious venue we put all our energy in to writing. We soon discovered that not only did we love the song writing process, but we were actually pretty good at it.
We took the place by storm and knew this was the new era for us. We released our first single “In the Darkness” followed by the accompanying video which was received phenomenally. Our popularity continued leading up to an offer to play 2 sets (1 acoustic and full live) at HRH Sleaze in September 2018, Sheffield…. We were blown away as most of Black Roze had attended the event the previous year. We had loved it so much so that we wrote “Rock Ready” about this very festival! Black Roze wrote 5 more songs for the Sleaze show and considering we were new to HRH we were received amazingly well with some unbelievable reviews.
Parallel to this Baz & Viixen had Joined Thunderstick in early 2018; they were also playing some major events. However with time allocations and an exhausting schedule, Baz & Viixen left Thunderstick after playing HRH X11 in Wales. They realised Black Roze was where their heart lied and where they could express their creativity the best. The creative juices are certainly flowing in Black Roze and our song writing continues.

We all have varying influences, however they all flow back to a common ground. Jaime is a huge Hawkwind fan, even playing in a band with Nik Turner. Steve’s Bass playing is very similar to Steve Harris, in fact we call him ‘Ron Maiden’ because of a photo taken of him in his Iron Maiden T-shirt. The ‘I’ was hidden by his jacket, so from then on he’s been dubbed ‘Ron Maiden’ ha ha.
Drummer Vic is a major Cozy Powell and Rainbow fan. Baz is influenced by all the 80s guitarists from Blackmore up to Satriani but Hendrix was his first obsession. Viixen has a huge range of influences: Tina Turner to Kate Bush; Lizzy Hale to Marilyn Manson, she confesses a soft spot for David Coverdale (but don’t all women have a spot for a young David Coverdale?).
To sum it up our sound is a mixture of all the 80s rock/metal bands, some of our songs have a dark goth edge due to Viixen’s unique vocals, lyrics and her obsession with minor chords. We are proud that no 2 songs on our forth-coming album “Spiritual Hell” sound the same, we encapsulate many rock sub genres in our music.

Biggest gig/proudest moment to date?
Our proudest moment as a band up to now is when we were asked to play both acoustically and full live sets at HRH Sleaze in September 2018 at The 02 Academy in Sheffield . To play alongside giants such as LA Guns, and to have our music enjoyed by the crowd was a magical moment for us. Also every time we are played on the radio, especially HRH, we have a great feeling and even better when people request one of our songs.

What does the future hold for YOU?
We are so busy at the moment!!! We are trying to fit in playing shows in-between recording our album “Spiritual Hell”. This is due for release at the beginning of the summer but we are taking pre-orders now at where we are including a free Black Roze T-shirt with every pre-order. We really can’t wait to release this to the general public.
We have a massive show at The 02 Academy Islington on March 29th followed by an appearance at The Camden Rocks Festival on June 2nd. We also have a show with the massive American sleaze / punk / grungers Warrior Soul in our home town Margate Kent on May 31st. This is going to be our album release party too as we are on home ground. We know already it’s going to be a phenomenal packed out show! Once the album is finished we are going to plan a UK Tour for Autumn/Winter time 2019 to showcase “Spiritual Hell”. We have had so many requests from people asking for us to come play in the Midlands and North of England we can’t wait!