Who are you?

Stevie R. Pearce and the Hooligans

Roll Call?

The Revolving Door. Richard Jones On Bass..Lewis Clarke On Rhythm Guitars , Dave Sanders on drums. Although The beauty of the Hooligans is that it can be anybody – I’m fortunate to hold a bit of a stable of heroes that can slot in should I need them.  More recently I‘ve had Charles Evans of Silk Road on Drums, and Lee Byrne of Knock out Kaine on bass. And Carl D, from the Black Bullets has also been behind the pans a couple times. All great to work with. I guess my role is to upset as least amount of people as possible, and take care of Photoshop.

Hailing from?

Basingstoke, Oxford, Carlisle, London. Planet Earth.

Journey so far?

It feels like I’ve been around forever, mainly because of the other bands I’ve been associated with over the years, an often bumpy trip in itself. For me, the Hooligans launched properly in March 2018 when I was fortunate enough to have Cargo Records pick the debut album up and spread it far and wide by way of re-release – which is great – I’m all for DIY not BUY.  But Cargo took what I’d already done and just enhanced and put it in-front of more of the people I wanted to reach…and we continue to still do that.

I’ve not had a set game plan – rock and roll (not AOR, metal, stoner or southern blues tinged or punk- I mean actual rock and roll) Is amazing because you never know what is round the corner…shit just happens naturally, I like how it goes because it’s real. In such a short space of time we’ve been playlisted on Planet Rock, proved almost by default we can play with just about anyone and get away with it.

I never feel like I’m doing enough…it’s kinda funny but I have to remember we aren’t even a year old yet…and we’ve toured twice, done a couple of festivals, released an album – upset a few people. I expect nothing, so everything that happens is sweet.


I’ve had many reviewers compare me to many different bands, some I agree with…some I’ve wondered how many drugs they’ve been on. Classic Rock said that I’d released a great punk record, I’m not sure how many punks would agree with that – especially since there are two 5 minute ballads on it. Although there is a tip of a hat in a couple songs – I doubt I’ll ever be invited to Rebellion. I guess I’m influenced by the bands I’ve been in or I am in, you can’t expect there not to be tinges of those bands in what I do, and how I operate. I’m a product of my environment and things rub off. I tend to write about real things that have happened to me or that I see.

Biggest gig/proudest moment to date?

Hearing your song on the radio is always a proud moment and the Hairy Bikers enthusiasm for us (on Planet Rock) was very encouraging.

What does the future hold for YOU?

If I had Mystic Megs ball I’d probably be able to tell you more clearly… imminently though… we have Just announced a 9 date UK Tour with Doomsday Outlaw and Silk Road in May. We have a brand-new video out “Set My Soul On fire” released probably by the time this is out – and I guess I can say officially that the 2nd album is well underway. Obviously I also have a commitment to Captain Pearl – and you can catch me playing with Jizzy Pearls Love/Hate all through the UK in March, with a stop off at HRH opening for UFO, which is gonna be insane. And I hear of some pretty exciting things that are gonna come out of that camp over the next 12 months. So I guess that’s kinda half this year gone already!

As a side note, I’ve played the festival 5 times with 3 different bands—I’ve always wanted to play MY songs in-front of such a great audience – C’mon HRH stop ducking the Hooligans…!